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[STREAM] Surrender! – SMASH (Blende Remix)

[STREAM] Surrender! – SMASH (Blende Remix)

Here we have a skillful remix by Blende of Surrender!’s track “SMASH.” Surrender (formerly known as Opptimo) hails from Istanbul, while Blende represents his Swedish pop roots. What these two have in common, however, is that they’ve both worked under the London-based independent record label La Bombe, a label with a strong focus on providing “dance floor friendly ‘bombs.’” What you get with this remix is the best of both artists’ worlds: a spasmodic and hard-hitting beat perfectly balanced by a bouncy, 80’s-themed melody. I would compare the sound strikingly similar to what I imagine a Siriusmo/Madeon fusion would sound like if it existed.

[STREAM] Surrender! - SMASH (Blende Remix)

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