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[MP3] Draper – “Graduation”, “Flashback” (+ 2 Remixes)

[MP3] Draper – “Graduation”, “Flashback” (+ 2 Remixes)

Its my fault, I know it. I’ve been so damn obsessed updating our web design that I haven’t found the time to post a couple Draper tracks that I’ve been meaning to. Fuck it, theres no time better than the present they say (even while I’m in bed half asleep). I digress… Draper, is on a on heat seeking missile to the bright sun itself… Producing some serious fire. He’s a rare talent, capable of hitting the full electronic spectrum as he wishes, all while maintaining focus and control. Take a listen below, you’ll see.

Draper - Graduation
Draper - Flashback
Ellie Goulding - Hanging On (Draper Remix)
Bluebell - Normal Heights (Draper Remix)

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